General Questions

  1. What is adtriboo?
  2. adtriboo.com is an online creative talent platform for generating creative content through crowdsourcing, comprising of more than 120,000 creative professionals talented in video, audio, text and image.

    Our goal is to create a trading market for talent which is global and online, where people with ideas, companies and agencies, find a new channel in which talent is shown to companies interested in acquiring it.

  3. How do I sign in to adtriboo?
  4. Registration is quick and totally free! Simply click on the above link "Register" at the head of adtriboo and fill out a short form.

    You will then receive an activation email (look in your spam folder or spam mail if you do not find in your inbox).Click on the link in the email and activate your account!

  5. I registered, but why have I not received the activation mail?
  6. Your activation email is probably hiding in your junk mail folder or spam. If you still cannot find it, send us your details and we will activate your account.

  7. How I can change my user name or password?
  8. To change your username or your password, you must log into your profile and click on the "Settings" tab. In "Access Data" you can make the changes by entering a new name or password and hitting "Save".

  9. What should I do if I forget my password?
  10. Do not worry! If you click on the above link "your account" you will see the link "Forgot your password". Enter your email address and we'll send you a new password.

  11. What is “My profile” in adtriboo?
  12. Your profile is the place from where you can manage your information, your suggestions, your notifications and more.

  13. How do I manage my alerts?
  14. Login to your profile and click on the "Settings" tab. Go to "My Notifications" and select the alerts you want to receive.

  15. Can I send adtriboo my ideas and suggestions?
  16. Of course! In adtriboo we are happy to receive your opinions, suggestions and tips. Send your feedback to sugerencias@adtriboo.com.

  17. How can I cancel my account?
  18. To unsubscribe from adtriboo, go to the "Settings" tab on your profile and click on "Cancel my account".

  19. What is the time zone for adtriboo?
  20. Our time zone is GMT + 1. If the time zone is different from where you live, you must have this in mind when you take notice of the deadline for completion of a project, which as you know always end at 0:00, that is, the first hour of the day specified.

  21. I found a copyright violation, how do I report this?
  22. Please send us a message giving us all the information and we will shortly review the problem.

  23. Where can I learn more about Adtriboo?
  24. You can follow us on twitter, facebook, linkedin, pinterest, youtube, vimeo, etc where you can see more contacts and information.

Questions for Clients

  1. Why use adtriboo?
  2. Adtriboo is a large creative crowdsourcing community with over 120,000 professionals worldwide.

    In adtriboo, we offer the best creative solutions for the marketing and communication for your business with dedicated customer service that guarantees your total satisfaction.

    Adtriboo is fast, easy and affordable, and it comes with money back guarantee.

    We have worked with major brands such as Vodafone, Yelmo cines, SONY, Stage Entertainment, UGC Cine Cite, Telepizza, Toysrus, Fiesta Hotel Group, Grupo Eulen, etc. We would love to help you!

  3. What type of projects can I post?
  4. Adtriboo offers a wide range of creative solutions through four categories (video, audio, image and text) in which your project will be framed. Some examples of the products we offer are: Logo, Naming, Brochure, Web Design, Corporate Video, Presentation, jingle, etc. You can see the complete list by clicking "Create Project".

  5. What are the fees for the project?
  6. The cost of publishing an adtriboo project consists of three frameworks: publication fee, remuneration and commission. The publication fee is non-refundable fixed amount charged to ensure the credibility of the project. Image, audio and text cost at € 39.00 and video projects at € 199.00

    The remuneration is the amount allocated to the creative professional of the winning proposal. The adtriboo commission is 15% on the final payment.Both the remuneration and commission is returned to you in the event that no proposal satisfies you.

    Finally, there are a number of additional services that you can hire for your benefit. For the price list of projects, click on ‘Create Project’. Adtriboo also offers the option to publish a custom project according to customer needs. The rates here vary, depending on what is requested. To ask the price of a custom project, please contact us by clicking here (customer@adtriboo.com).

  7. How do I know how to set the right price as remuneration for my project?
  8. Only you can decide the final amount of compensation for your Project. We can advice you on three price sets; orient a minimum, a recommended amount and an outstanding amount.

    The minimum amount is the average remuneration awarded for any specific type of project and it is an amount that we consider appropriate for the audiovisual products solicited. The amount recommended is so that your project will have greater quantity and quality of proposals.

    An outstanding amount will attract high participation and will foster high quality of presented works. Besides, you will always have the option to see what other customers are offering in open projects, for you to get an idea.

    Note that, although one may tend to want to do things as economically as possible, the higher the remuneration leads to more number of proposals with higher quality. In addition, only the small publication fee is non-refundable, because in the unlikely event that no proposal satisfies you, both remuneration and the adtriboo commission price is returned to you.

  9. How do I create a project?
  10. Creating a project is easy in adtriboo. Click on "Create Project", select the right product (Logo, instructional video, naming, etc.) and fill in the necessary data for your project in three steps.

  11. When is the project published?
  12. The projects are published as soon as the payment is made. If you pay by card or Paypal, your payment will automatically publish the project. In the event that you transfer, you must send us proof of the amount entered to customer@adtriboo.com. As soon as we receive this confirmation of payment, the Project will be activated.

  13. Why should I pay for the project up front?
  14. EWe charge the amount of the project in advance to ensure that the project for the professional is taken seriously. On receiving the payment, we will keep the money in deposit. After the deadline, once you confirm the winning proposal to us, we will transfer the amount of the award. We offer money back guarantee by returning the remuneration and adtriboo commission (15%) in the rare and unlikely event that no proposal convinces you :-)

  15. How do I value my project proposals?
  16. Adtriboo provides a simple tool for assessing, which is denoted by stars. The client receiving the proposals will assess the proposals by ranking towards the selection of the winner. After the deadline, you can sort out the proposals by rating them and thus ranking on the basis that the top proposals are awarded with the maximum stars.

    Among the top rated, you can choose the "winner" and mark the rest of the proposals that you liked or were close to what you wanted as “Finalists”.

  17. How can I communicate with the professionals on the project?
  18. To contact a professional that is participating in a Project, you should use the Project tab called "Feedback". Thus this way, a clarification or comment will reach all participants and the matter can be solved all at once. It is a way to promote "fair play".

    If you want your message to be addressed to a specific professional, start the comment with "Hello + username of the interested professional". Thus, this way the professional will understand to who the message is directed to.

  19. How do I know when a professional has uploaded a proposal or has made a comment?
  20. Whenever a professional presents a proposal for the project or leaves a comment in the feedback section, you will automatically receive an instant notification in your email account.

  21. A Professional is not behaving in a ‘bothersome’ behaviour, how can I report this?
  22. All our professionals strictly adhere to our rules of conduct. If anyone behaves inappropriately, please let us know by sending a message, explaining the problem in crucial detail. Adtriboo will take all measures necessary to ensure an end to this behavior.

  23. How will professionals find my project?
  24. As soon as the project is published, it appears indexed in our "Projects" section.

    The professionals constantly navigate our website to search for an offer that they can be interesting to them, so they find it quickly and easily.

    Also, if you hire the "Promotion" option to post your project on our social networks, our fans on facebook, twitter and linkedin will see your project soon after its publication.

  25. Why is my project not on the first page?
  26. All adtriboo projects are sorted by date of publication, which means that the most recent projects are listed first. However, we provide an additional service that offers an opportunity to highlight your project from the rest to attract more proposals.

  27. Can professionals show the proposals for my project in their portfolios?
  28. As a client, when you upload your project we will ask you if you will allow the participating professionals to have the option of displaying the project proposals they created for you on their account, whether they win or not. If you do not give permission, the confidentiality agreement they will have to sign obligates them to respect your wishes. The professionals cannot share their work unless they first remove all information about you and your company.

    However, keep in mind that the majority of professionals are reluctant to participate if you do not allow them to show their work on their accounts, which is why most clients prefer to allow them to display their work on their own account. It also adds to visibility.

  29. How long do I have to select the winning proposal after the project is completed?
  30. You have 14 days to choose the winning project. We grant you a little extra time if you really need it. To ask for this, send a message to customer@adtriboo.com

  31. How do I select the winning proposal?
  32. In Adtriboo; You must enter your username and password and go to to the tab "Proposal" in your project. Search the proposal that you like and click "Set as winning." You can also "Mark as finalists" other proposals you liked or are close to what you wanted. Once you have selected the winner, we will send you an email with your details so you can contact him / her and ask for the creativity. Remember you can ask for some final changes, provided they are within reason.

  33. After selecting the winning proposal, how will I receive the creativity?
  34. When you select the winning proposal, we will send a message to your email with information on the proponent to be able to contact and ask for creative design rights.

    Remember you can always ask for some changes, within reasonable limits.

  35. How does the creative that his proposal was the winner?
  36. Immediately after you publish on the web “the chosen winning proposal”, all project participants will receive a notification in their email account. In addition, the winning proposal may be displayed publicly on the microsite of the project, in the "Winners" section.

  37. Can I ask the Professional with the winning proposal to make small changes in the proposal?
  38. Of course, you can ask the professional to make small changes in their work, but as long as they are within reason.

  39. What if I do not like any of the proposals for my project?
  40. We are proud to offer our customers the satisfaction of money back guarantee. We want you to stay fully satisfied with the outcome of your project so if you're not satisfied, we will refund the money. The only cost that will remain is the publication fee and additional services.

    We offer this guarantee because we are confident of our creative talent and we believe that, among the many proposals received, you will find one you love.

  41. I am an NGO and a non-profit organization interested creativity proposals offered by adtriboo?
  42. If you need creativity solutions from adtriboo, we help you by creating free projects for those non-profit organizations and NGOs do not have a budget for it.

    If so, write to clientes@adtriboo.com and discuss your case.

Questions for Professionals

  1. Why should you join adtriboo as a professional?
  2. Adtriboo is the first and largest community of Spanish-language creative professionals worldwide. We operate bilingually in English and in Spanish. Adtriboo brings together professionals of various creative backgrounds involved in the world of advertising, graphic design, film, TV, etc.

    Our objective is to generate a global, online talent transaction market in which people with ideas, companies and agencies, discover a new venue for displaying their talents to companies interested in acquiring them.

    The adtriboo team works hard to bring you the best deals which are remunerated in accordance with the project so that you can participate when you find one interesting. In addition, as a social network, it provides you with a lot of functionality for uploading your CV, posting your work, contacting with other professionals, etc.

  3. What is the cost of being professional in adtriboo?
  4. There is no charge for being part of the adtriboo professional community ! Registration is free and no fees will be charged when you win a project. Do not wait, register now!

  5. Does adtriboo adhere to standards of conduct for its professionals?
  6. adtriboo has developed standards of conduct for professionals on this platform. If you break these rules, you will lose your right to be part of the community.

    When you participate in any of the projects posted on adtriboo, you must show respect for the rest of professionals and the clients. If you break these rules, you will lose your right to be part of the community adtriboo.

    Before participating in a project, read and accept the terms and conditions thoroughly to fully understand. Read the guidelines to know what the project consists of, what kind of work is being solicited and what are the requirements for participation.

    The images, music, and sound you use to create your proposals must be original or copyright free. For logo projects, the images must be original; using copyright free images is prohibited.

    If you participate in a private project protected by a confidentiality agreement, you cannot divulge information about the project or publish your proposal on adtriboo or in any other place without the client's consent.

    In addition, confidential projects, can not disclose any information about the project. The project must be "clean". This means that you cannot copy your competitor’s proposal, slander, or establish a private communication with the customer.

  7. How can I find out about the new projects to be published?
  8. To see the new projects posted adtriboo, you have to go to the "Projects" section

    If you follow us on twitter, facebook or linkedin , you can encounter some of the most interesting projects that are published on the platform.

  9. How do I participate in a project?
  10. To participate in a Project; first, you should read and accept the terms and conditions. Once you have accepted, you can view the rest of the information and finally upload your proposal. It is important that you check the briefing carefully in order to understand the client's needs so that you can develop your creativity on that basis.

  11. What should I do if a customer is asking for too much work on your project in relation to the amount of remuneration?
  12. You must contact us immediately.

  13. Why are some projects hidden?
  14. Customers have the option of making their projects completely private in order to keep them safe from prying eyes. If you are interested in participating in one of these projects, you can request to quickly notify the customer so that your participation can be approved.

  15. How will the customer know that a new proposal is uploaded for the project?
  16. The customer will receive an immediate email notification informing them of the new uploaded proposal for their project.

  17. How can I communicate with a client?
  18. For the case of "fair play", if you want to communicate with a client, you should comment on the Project tab called "Feedback". The customer can read it and respond to it by leaving another comment. By using the "Feedback"service, public communication will be visible to all project participants.

  19. What time is the deadline for the project?
  20. All projects end at 0:00, the first hour of the day. For example, if a project ends on July 6 you can upload your proposals until July 5 at 23:59.

  21. How do I find out if my proposal has been selected as a winner in a project?
  22. If a customer selects your proposal, you will receive an email notification congratulating you on your winning proposal. Also check out the jury's decision on the project microsite, in the "Winners"section.

  23. If I am selected as a winner, how will I hand over my creative rights?
  24. If you are selected as a winner you will receive an email with our compliments and you will have to sign the necessary document to transfer the creative rights to the customer.

  25. Are there any deductions for the remuneration transfer?
  26. Depending on the place of residence of the winner, transfer costs will be deducted. For residents in Spain it is a free transfer. For all other expenses, it will depend on the country where the professional resides.

  27. Does the remuneration prize take some form of withholding tax?
  28. Depending on the country where you live and the amount, the reward can lead to withholding tax. When the prize remuneration is delivered to you, a retention is deposited in your name to the Ministry of Finance. In the case of Spain, a remuneration amount set greater than 300.51 euros will retain 21% as tribute tax to the Finance Ministry of Spain. Prize amount that is less than 300 euros do not hold any tribute tax reductions in Spain or elsewhere in the world. This withholding tax depends on the country of the professional.

  29. When do I receive the remuneration amount?
  30. Payments are made on the 15th and 30th of each month. The winner receives the money on the 15th or 30th, after the client has confirmed that creative design and the documentation of the copyrights is correct.

  31. How does the adtriboo money back guarantee apply to the customer?
  32. Unfortunately, sometimes a client on a project may not get the expected result. This could be because of lack of customer feedback or the remuneration amount is set too low to be very attractive, or the professionals did not find the project attractive . Because adtriboo must comply with the money back guarantee for the satisfaction of the customer, the project is hence deserted.

    However, rest assured that we do everything possible to minimize the number of projects without selected winners. We know you have invested your time and effort into these projects and that it can be frustrating to see that few Projects may have been rejected.

  33. Can I show my proposals in my portfolio as a Winner or otherwise?
  34. Professionals cannot share their work unless all information regarding the client and his business is completely removed. In case you want to show your creative designs without deleting the data, ie including references to the mark, you must apply for authorization.

  35. Do I get paid if my proposal is a winner in one of the projects organized by an NGO or nonprofit organization?
  36. Winners of the projects by NGOs and non-profit organizations are not paid but their compensation is huge public recognition for their cooperation.


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